SJS Accounting LLC


SJS Accounting LLC is now offering full payroll services. When it comes to payroll, your hours, tax payments, and regulations can all be handled with ease.

Payroll Services

Employee On-boarding

We can help you with the Employee on-boarding process. We have employee packets and a streamlined process to help your business run efficiently. SJS Accounting LLC makes payroll easy. 

Direct Deposit

We can help your company offer direct deposit and we will help collect all the information needed to set up direct deposit for your employees. 

Employee Tax Payments

We will keep track of you Federal, State, and Unemployment payments. SJS Accounting LLC also offers electronic payment processing.  

Hours Tracking

SJS Accounting LLC has a streamlined processes for hours tracking that will help your business prepare for Payroll. No more manual time sheets. 

Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Filings

No more worries for you!! We take care of all filings for your employees. We also keep you up to date on when these have been filed. No more guess work. 

PTO Tracking

Time off is tracked in our system. This will let you prepare for any financial liabilities you will have in the future. 

Electronically Delivered Pay stubs

Pay stubs can be electronically distributed to your employees. 

W2 Delivery

We take care of your W2 filing and processing. No need for any additional work on your end as the Employer.

Journal Entries for Bookkeeping

We provide a Journal Entry sheet to help keep you books up to date. 


Managing deductions such as health insurance, child support and matching payments can be time consuming. SJS Accounting will manage all of this for you. 

Customized Reports

Do you want to see a different report? Are there details that are specific to your company? We can help customize reports to your needs.

Job Costing for Employees

If your company does job costing, our payroll services can manage this. Talk to us about how we can help.

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