COVID 19 Support

On this page we will be sharing resources  to help small businesses during this time. SJS Accounting LLC would like to provide one location with as much information as possible. Each resource will have a small description to help you determine with resource is best for you and your company.  



SBA - Small Business Administration

There are many resources within this page that will help small businesses. This specific link will take you to what the SBA is doing during COVID 19

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation is looking to support small businesses in economically vulnerable areas. There are 3 requirements to qualify:

  • Employ 3-20 employees
  • location is in an economically vulnerable area
  • COVID 19 has financially harmed your business


Coronoa Air, Relief, and Economic Security Act information. This will give you direct information about how the acts pertains to you and your business. 

AZ Commerce Authority

The AZ Commerce Authority has many opportunities for small businesses. There is support for informaiton regarding the CARES Act, funding opptions, webinars, and more.

Beauty Changes Lives

There are 2 grants available. This is specifically for beauty professionals. 

Professional Beauty Association

This grant provides $500 to licensed professionals who no longer can work because of COVID. IF you own a salon this is a great resource for your employees who are no longer able to work.